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Program Assistant

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Download our paper application and email it, along with your resume, cover letter and three references to Please no phone calls.

Program Assistant for David's Promise

CMJC’s David’s Promise is a ministry furthering the Spiritual Growth, Life & Community Experiences of individuals with special needs.

The David’s Promise Program Assistant will work closely with the CMJC Executive Director, David’s Promise Program Director and other David’s Promise staff, planning for, and assisting participants to engage in life enrichment activities that promote independence, life skill development, connection, social development, and volunteerism.

The David’s Promise Program Assistant is a part-time position, up to 60 hours per month.


The DP Program Assistant is directly accountable to the DP Program Director and the Executive Director of Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County. The Program Assistant will work in concert with the Program Director to ensure alignment of David’s Promise priorities and the overall vision of CMJC. Interested candidates are expected to provide a resume and references and will be subject to a complete background check.


RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)

  1. Works with DP Program Director and other David’s Promise Program Assistant(s) to determine participants physical, mental and psychosocial needs, by establishing relationships with DP participants, caregivers, family members and if deemed necessary, others who provide services and support to the participant.

  2. Works with DP Program Director and David’s Promise Program Assistant(s) to establish and keep a daily group schedule that is well balanced and has the established number of volunteers needed for each scheduled activity.

  3. Promotes participants’ independence, education and recreation by developing and facilitating group activities, which focus on these goals.

  4. Works with the DP Program Director and other David’s Promise Program Assistant(s) to initiate and organize special events, holiday parties and field trips.

  5. Maintains continuity of care by communicating any changes in DP participant’s condition to volunteers and caregivers. Activities will be adjusted to fit these changes.

  6. Works with the DP Program Director and David’s Promise Daytime Program Assistant to develop a safe, sanitary group environment by establishing and keeping group rules.

  7. Maintain the confidentiality of all participants’ and family information.

  8. Treats participants, family members, caregivers, visitors and staff members with respect and dignity.

  9. Works with DP Program Director and other David’s Promise Program Assistant(s) to provide a safe environment for participants and volunteers.

  10. Assist in the supervision of the coffee bar, DP participants, and volunteers who participate in the operation of the coffee bar and services.



  1. A vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ

  2. Recognize the image of God in all people, respect the value of all people and demonstrate unwavering spiritual values

  3. A heart and passion for individuals with special needs.

  4. Enthusiastic support of the mission, vision and values of David’s Promise and CMJC

  5. Support of the Board and Executive Director’s leadership

  6. Compatibility with the staff

  7. Understanding and respecting that participants and family members come from different religious backgrounds, including nonbelievers.

  8. CMJC gives consideration to people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.



  1. Education or work-related experience evidencing strong capabilities with individual and family care and general pastoral responsibilities. Ideal candidate will possess experience working with the special needs community.

  2. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills

  3. Education or work-related experience with the special needs community.

  4. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills

  5. Strong communication skills in order to coordinate with other David’s Promise staff and volunteers

  6. Organizational skills to handle a variety of tasks with flexibility and efficiency

  7. Must be able to work alone and with a team

  8. Must dress and behave in a professional manner while having fun

  9. Able to refrain from using cell phone if not an emergency

  10. Positive and enthusiastic

  11. Willing to learn and try new things

  12. Able to respond and react to crises while remaining calm in difficult situations.

  13. A person who enjoys all kinds of people


TO APPLY: Please download and complete the application above. Please submit completed application, a resume, cover letter demonstrating experience and three references to; No telephone calls, please.

Our Story

Each fall in the late 1980’s, volunteers from First Church of the Nazarene in Jackson, would come together to sell homemade baked items and crafts at the Westwood Mall. The funds that were raised were used to assist church attendees.

That passion to serve those in the church, grew to reaching out to those in need in the community. Volunteers began serving at the Interfaith Shelter, hosting a community-wide Thanksgiving Day dinner and changing the oil in cars for single moms. And in August of 2003, our food pantry opened.

The number of ministries and the people being served continued to grow. Because of the growth and passion to serve all of Jackson County, Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County was established in 2012 as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization. Today, CM Jackson continues to build community, partnering with other churches, schools, organizations and businesses, bringing positive change and hope through its Food, Community Transformation and Special Needs ministries.

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