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The love of Christ is to be shared with all people. David's Promise is a ministry furthering spiritual growth, life and community experiences for adults with special needs. 

Our Story

David’s Promise is an inclusive community, recognizing the unique qualities and needs of each individual with developmental disabilities. We believe that all people are made in the image of Christ and that all of us desire to be part of a community that offers support, friendship, hope and love. We empower those with intellectual and developmental differences, providing opportunities to assist them in connecting to the greater Jackson community. David’s Promise is a community of faith where God‘s love is on full display!

In 2012, a group of individuals made up of parents of children with developmental differences, and professionals, including service providers and special educators, began meeting. The group began with a realization, which every parent of a child with developmental differences has to face: “formal schooling as they knew it, would someday come to an end or had already come to an end.” The school structure that helped the child learn and have a community of friends, would no longer exist. The concern of, “what will happen to my child as we age and I am no longer able to care for them,” was also on the hearts and minds of the parents in the group.

This group came to a consensus of what parents wanted once formal education ended for their special needs child. Parents wanted a place where friends could be made, their child’s faith could be expressed, learning would continue, recreational and social programs were offered and enjoyed, serving others was valued, and ultimately, a safe community living environment. This place? This place would be called David’s Promise.

Why the Name

David's Promise

We often are asked about the name, “David’s Promise.”  David’s Promise comes from the Bible story of King David's best friend, Jonathan. As a child, Jonathan's son Mephibosheth had a tragic accident that left him unable to walk or care for himself.

After David’s friend Jonathan died, David promised his friend’s son that he would always eat at the king's table and would always have a place to live. "So Mephibosheth ate at David's table like one of the king's sons" (2 Samuel 9:11).


We believe that God calls us as a faith community to follow through on David’s promise to Mephibosheth. We seek to create a place where people with special needs can be a part of ministry, serve and learn together, and live in community with one another. We know that we will all have an equal place at the King’s table someday and we seek to invite everyone to our own table.

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Our Approach: Spiritual Growth,

Life and Community Experiences

David’s Promise believes that all people are made in the image of Christ and that all of us desire to be part of a community that offers support, friendship, hope and love. We recognize that each person brings differing abilities. With that understanding, we provide an environment where people can grow spiritually, and learning never ends. 


Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County and its David’s Promise ministry, supports individuality, active learning, enrichment, faith and community.

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Life and Community Growth

Today, David’s Promise participants engage in life enrichment activities that promote independence, life skill development, connection, social development, and volunteerism. As part of the David’s Promise community, participants are actively learning, and involved in serving each other and our community.

Just because formal schooling for participants has ended, learning and personal growth doesn’t need to. Our life enrichment programming changes from day to day; however programming regularly includes fitness classes, volunteerism in and for the community, gardening, music therapy, cooking, job readiness skills acquisition, and art and theatre classes.

Spiritual Growth

Participants gather for weekly devotionals and prayer. Promise Church, a church service specifically geared to adults with special needs, their families, and caregivers, meets every Sunday at 3pm at the Compassionate Ministries Center.

Our Support

David’s Promise is a ministry of Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County. Currently, participants can be part of the David’s Promise community at no cost. We are a faith-based nonprofit that depends upon the faithful giving from community members, churches, organizations and foundations throughout the US. We are grateful for those of you who believe in our vision and support our ministry financially.  


"Before Courtney and I joined David's Promise we existed. A couple bumps on a log. I began attending with her and we felt welcome. Before long we warmed up. Now we are home. Because of David's Promise we now have special friends who we get together with in the real world. We have grown to care about each other’s families that are going thru rough times, we pray for good outcomes and check FB for updates. We are comforted by our real families but understood and accepted by our David's Promise families. I hope I was able to express how special and, in all seriousness, life changing this place truly is."


—  Cindy Dimery, Parent

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