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Ways to Donate



1. Go to

2. Complete the required information including amount, fund/ministry and payment method.  

3. Before finalizing your donation, you can check the box to to change it to a recurring donation if you choose.


Text to Give


1. Text the amount you want to give to 84321 (Example: "$25").  You can designate a CMJC fund/ministry by adding the ministry name to your text (Example: "$25 Davids-Promise").  If you do not wish to designate a specific ministry, your donation will be used where it's needed most as a donation to our General Fund. 

2. The first time you text to give, you will be prompted to go to to set up your profile. 

3. Once your profile is setup, the donation you texted and all future donations will go to CMJC and the ministry you designate with a charge to your bank account or credit card.


If you need further assistance with Ways to Donate to CMJC, please email or call 517.395.2652.

Your donation is greatly appreciated by the many that are impacted by the ministries of CMJC!

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