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Spiritual Care Director

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Download our paper application and email it, along with your resume, cover letter and three references to Please no phone calls.

Spiritual Care Director for David's Promise

CMJC’s David’s Promise is a ministry furthering the Spiritual Growth, Life & Community Experiences of individuals with special needs. The Spiritual Care Director is responsible for the successful development and growth of a spiritual care environment for individuals participating in the David’s Promise ministry activities, their families and peers in the special needs community. The principle objective of the Spiritual Care Director is to provide David’s Promise participants, their families and caregivers, pastoral care through visitation, spiritual support, consultation, needs-based guidance, and personal presence.


The Spiritual Care Director is a full-time salaried position. It is to be understood that “full-time” is expected to comprise a commitment requiring an average of at least 40 hours per week. Commitment may vary and is expected to, at times, require time to be spent during evenings and weekends. Click the button below for more information.


The Spiritual Care Director is directly accountable to the Executive Director of Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County (CMJC). The Spiritual Care Director will work in concert with the Executive Director to ensure alignment of David’s Promise spiritual priorities and the overall spiritual vision of CMJC. The Executive Director will assist the Spiritual Care Director in prioritizing and establishing the timing of new initiatives within the ongoing visions of David’s Promise and CMJC. Interested candidates are expected to provide a resume, cover letter and three references and will be subject to a complete background check.


RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)

1. Cast a clear and compelling vision for a Christlike environment within the David’s Promise ministry

2. Provide support and care for those connected to the ministry including participants, families and participating community members

3. Provide resource direction (e.g. knowledge of the role of 2-1-1, specific professional resources appropriate for the special needs community as well as resources available for the general public that may be of assistance to those served by David’s Promise)

4. Appropriate participation in activities of David’s Promise (“Be Present”)

5. Organize activities to enhance the opportunities of those served by David’s Promise to know and follow Jesus (e.g. bible study, small groups, worship service (long-term))

6. Provide training, mentorship and direction to staff and volunteers to expand the ministry’s spiritual care capacity

7. Work collaboratively with all CMJC staff, specifically staff and volunteers of the David’s Promise ministry, to ensure the presence of a Christlike environment surrounding the entire ministry

8. Other duties as needed or assigned by the Executive Director



1. A vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ

2. Recognize the image of God in all people, respect the value of all people and demonstrate unwavering spiritual values 3. A heart and passion for individuals with special needs.

4. Enthusiastic support of the mission, vision and values of David’s Promise and CMJC

5. Support of the Board and Executive Director’s leadership

6. Compatibility with the staff

7. Understanding and respecting that participants and family members come from different religious backgrounds, including nonbelievers.

8. CMJC gives consideration to people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.



1. Education or work-related experience evidencing strong capabilities with individual and family care and general pastoral responsibilities. Ideal candidate will possess experience working with the special needs community.

2. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills 

3. Demonstrated leadership and administrative gifts (with and without direct report staff)

4. The ability to provide information, direction and feedback to all constituents

5. Proven track record of being a Champion of a value (i.e. as Spiritual Care Director for David’s Promise be a Champion for providing spiritual care for the special needs community)


TO APPLY: Please download and complete the application above. Please submit completed application, a resume, cover letter demonstrating experience and three references to; No telephone calls, please.

Our Story

Each fall in the late 1980’s, volunteers from First Church of the Nazarene in Jackson, would come together to sell homemade baked items and crafts at the Westwood Mall. The funds that were raised were used to assist church attendees.

That passion to serve those in the church, grew to reaching out to those in need in the community. Volunteers began serving at the Interfaith Shelter, hosting a community-wide Thanksgiving Day dinner and changing the oil in cars for single moms. And in August of 2003, our food pantry opened.

The number of ministries and the people being served continued to grow. Because of the growth and passion to serve all of Jackson County, Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County was established in 2012 as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization. Today, CM Jackson continues to build community, partnering with other churches, schools, organizations and businesses, bringing positive change and hope through its Food, Community Transformation and Special Needs ministries.

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