Special Needs

We are called to share God’s love with all people, including those who have intellectual and physical disabilities. Our special needs ministries include David’s Promise, Lyle Torrant and Kit Young Center’s annual dinner, graduation and prom, and New Song Music Therapy Camp.  

David's Promise

David’s Promise comes from the Bible story of King David's best friend, Jonathan. As a child, Jonathan's son Mephibosheth had a tragic accident that left him unable to walk or care for himself. After Jonathan died, David promised his friend’s son that he would always eat at the king's table and would always have a place to live. "So Mephibosheth ate at David's table like one of the king's sons" (2 Samuel 9:11).  We believe that God calls us as a faith community to follow through on David’s promise to Mephibosheth.


David’s Promise promotes an inclusive, faith-based community, where people with and without intellectual and physical disabilities, can come together as one. David’s Promise participants engage in community-based daytime activities that promote independence, connection, social development, volunteerism, job readiness skills, leisure-recreational skills, and spiritual growth.


If you are interested in becoming a participant at David’s Promise, would like more information, or are interested in volunteering, please reach out to us here.

New Song Music Therapy Camp

New Song Music Therapy Camp is designed for ALL people - especially those with special needs and their siblings. Focused on ability and inclusion, this incredible camp provides life-changing experiences for everyone involved through musical expression, movement, performance and social music-making.

Lyle Torrant / Kit Young Center Dinner, Graduation and Prom

Each year since 2011, we recognize the accomplishments of the graduates from the Lyle Torrant Center and Kit Young Center. Graduates, graduates family members, friends, and alumni gather together for an evening of celebration.


The night begins with a sit-down, catered meal at no cost for those in attendance. Following dinner, the graduation ceremony begins, as we partner with the Jackson County Intermediate School District. The real party begins following graduation, as we host the annual prom for graduates, friends and alumni of the Torrant and Kit Young Center. Music, dancing and fun is the culmination of this special evening.


If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out here.


“David’s Promise has given our son an opportunity to be a part of a community that allows adults with disabilities to enhance their lives with friendship, without judgement.  This organization helps us as family members prove to our love ones that they have the ability to enjoy music, art, crafts, cooking and gardening at their own pace with their peers.  Thanks to David’s Promise, we have an extended family right here through Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County.”


—  Dianne Kean, Parent

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