Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County (CMJackson) is a faith-based ministry serving the greater Jackson County area since 2012. We are aware of the difficulties this world can bring. Life can bring unemployment, sickness, family and financial stresses; some brought on by the choices we make, others not foreseen, unpredicted. CMJackson is passionate about meeting the immediate needs of those in our community. We also are passionate about helping others with long term solutions to life’s adversities.Through the building of relationships with those we serve, our hope is to assist families and individuals in becoming self sufficient. We understand this takes a community of people, serving together, building a better Jackson!


A collaborative, community effort that focuses on being the change, transforming the lives of those we serve. 


To create lasting solutions to violence, poverty, hunger and social injustice.


Faith, empowerment, transformation, diversity, sustainability, dignity and respect.

Statement of Faith:

CMJackson is a faith-based organization following the principles and teachings of Jesus. We are called to love and compassionately serve all people in our community.