July 25, 26, 27, 2019

New Song Music Therapy Camp is a place where people of all ages and ability levels meet and integrate, create music, make friends, find confidence and learn new skills.

Created for individuals with special needs and their siblings, New Song provides opportunities for families to connect with one another, allows siblings of individuals with special needs the opportunity to find friends who understand their life and home experiences and brings Jackson County together to share the talents, abilities and gifts that individuals with special needs bring to our community.

In addition to serving individuals with special needs of all ages, New Song utilizes a host of volunteers and Buddy-Ups (young volunteers) who have the opportunity to learn about people who they may not always come into contact with. They gain understanding and make friendships and some young volunteers even end up choosing career paths in the special needs arena due to their Music Therapy Camp experiences and involvement.

$200 - 1 camper  |   $375 - 2 camper family   |   $450 - 3 or more camper family